Emergency Medical Technicians, popularly known as EMTs, are workers in the medical support staff who provide vital assistance to patients in high-panic situations like accidents. Most often employed in hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics, they are now seeing a double-digit rise in growth and demand nationally. Emergency medical technicians in Indiana can expect an average median salary of $31,000 annually, just about the national average for EMTs. Apart from this, they are also given various benefits like paid leaves and job security. Admittedly, the job itself is quite some pressure, but many emergency medical technicians in the state find extreme satisfaction in the nature of their work.

Emergency Medical Technician Training in Indiana


There are four types of EMT certification Medical First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedic. Each certification is one level up from the last and moving up requires a person to have met a set criteria composed of work experience and educational attainment in EMT courses. Students will be taught the basics before moving on to more advanced subjects in the succeeding levels. Many schools encourage students to go along during emergencies to see first-hand how EMTs handle situations, as well as to get a feel of what the work entails. If you are looking for loan services, study techniques, local schools and instructional how-to’s that will get you on your way visit www.mylistofmy.com for further details.


EMT certification training programs prepare individuals to respond to situations like accidents, heart attacks, childbirths and slip-and-fall injuries, and to assess, treat and manage emergency patient care. These are all skills that the EMT must perform while under pressure of time or the situation factors.


Emergency Medical Technician Schools in Indiana

The following are among the top-rated schools for paramedic and EMT training in the state of Indiana.

Indiana University

635 Barnhill Drive,

Indianapolis, IN 46202

 (317) 278-4752

The school offers two EMT programs via the Indiana University School of Medicine. The EMT-Basic program, which consists of two classes that can be taken over two semesters or concurrently in one semester, qualifies graduates to deliver emergent patient care in a pre-hospital setting. Upon finishing, graduates may take the written and skills certification exam given by the Indiana Public Safety Training Institute and are qualified as EMTs. For a more advanced level of training and certification, the Associate in Paramedic Sciences offers two years of clinical and practical instruction, the first year of which is prerequisite work, plus a field internship.


Ivy Tech Community College

50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive,

 Indianapolis, IN 46208

 (317) 921-4800

The EMT Basic training course covers topics such as IV maintenance, defibrillation, limited pharmacology and airway management; it also includes emergency room experience and an emergency service internship. Throughout the course, EMT skills training is emphasized. After finishing the course and passing the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s certification exam, graduates may work as EMTs.


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