Becoming an EMT technician has always been a secure and stable career. In order to be a part of this positively growing world, you need to enroll in any of the technical schools in your area. The job of an Emergency Medical technician is said to be challenging and rewarding at the same time. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the list below consists of the top 5 institutions that offer this course. The Drexel University offers an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in emergency medical services. It is said to house around 11, 960 students with the faculty and student ratio being 1 is to 10. One of the school’s requirements is for the applicant to have a 3.5 high school GPA. Based on the information provided, more than 40 percent of its students have SAT scores ranging from 1000-1099. It should cost you around $23,250 to enroll in its EMT-Basic program.

The Drury University is also popular when it comes to this field. Many students are familiar with it as it offers one of the most comprehensive programs in emergency medical services. According to the U.S. News, it has an average freshmen retention rate of 82 percent. There are currently 1,562 students who are enrolled in this institution. Applicants of this school are required to have a 3.7 high school GPA. ACT scores of incoming freshmen range from 24 to 29 while SAT scores are from 1000 to 1099. The entry-level tuition for its training program is approximately $14, 669 while its teacher-student ratio is 1:12. The University of Maryland that is located in Baltimore County is also a part of the list. It has a student body of 9,688 students that pay an in-state tuition of $8,520 and an out-state tuition of $16,596. Its approximated teacher-student ratio is 1 is to 19. The average high school GPA requirement in this institution is 3.5. It has been reported that its freshmen applicants have SAT scores of 1200 to 1299 and ACT scores of 24 to 29.

The Sanford-Brown College is known to provide excellent education in various medical fields. It has campuses all around the country including Florida, Texas and New York. This school has a career-focused and collaborative training program in emergency medical services. It aims to prepare the students in their chosen career and provide real-world experience by allowing them to work hand in hand with real EMTs. The school is popular for its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The students are also inspired by their dedicated instructors who make use of innovative teaching techniques like hands-on learning. Sanford-Brown is a duly accredited institution by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The ACCSC is actually an independent accrediting organization that has the approval of the United States Department of Education. The tuition for its training courses may vary from different locations. It is best that you confer with the school about this concern if you are interested to enroll in their program.

The Walden University is also recognized as a top-notch medical school. It has online-based training programs that provide a flexible environment to its students. One of its missions is to offer a positive social learning atmosphere and at the same time support the needs of dedicated learners. Other institutions acknowledge the Walden University for its comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty members. Based on its records, there are over 49,500 students who have graduated from this university. Majority of these people are now hired in higher positions and have started to make a remarkable difference in the industry. The school has around 60 online training courses with over 300 concentrations in different medical fields. All of these programs are designed to improve the critical and creative skills of its students.

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